Ed Sheeran’s Ireland Concert Is Over – What Dogs Were Allowed In The Concert Area?

A boy with his service dog

The Irish leg of the concert tour of singer Ed Sheeran concluded last May 19. Dogs were allowed to be in the concert area but it was limited to guide dogs and service dogs.

Animals were prohibited at the concert of Ed Sheeran in Ireland.
– Guide dogs and service dogs are, however, allowed at the concert.
– It is unclear if there was any concert-goer who took his or her dog with her.

The prohibited items during the concerts of Sheeran in Ireland were bottles, cans, Frisbees, illegal substances, skateboards, folding chairs, laptops, air horns, and animals including dogs. However, the exception was guide dogs and service dogs as to the prohibition of animals. It is unclear, however, if there were really concert-goers who brought their guide dogs or service dogs.

It is also unknown if there were items given to the dog owners to keep their dog calm during the concert since the music could be too loud for the animals.


Read the detailed story of Aoife Kelly here – https://www.independent.ie

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