Despite Reports That Drug-Sniffing Dogs Are Not Effective, 30 Were Arrested After Being Identified By Such Dogs As Possessors Of Drugs At Music festival

A police dog with his handler

The popular Listen Out Music Festival took place over the weekend. Drug-sniffing doggos were deployed at the music festival and a total of 30 people were identified by these dogs to have drugs on them.  :

Drug-sniffing dogs were once again deployed at the Listen Out Music Festival.
– Thirty people were arrested.
– One of them is said to have trafficked…

Per the reports, one of those arrested was identified only as a 40-year-old man. He allegedly trafficked cocaine at the music festival. The other 29 people arrested were brought in jail for possession of drugs. Police reportedly ran a sniffer dog operation at the event because two people died at a music festival in Sydney a week ago.


This is the fourth year that the Listen Out Music Festival took place. Around 18, 000 festival goers went there.

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