Use Of Drug Detecting Doggos At Music Festivals Criticized

Police dogs

Member of Parliament of Greens and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge criticized the police for using police doggos that are used to detect drugs and be deployed at music festival. This comes after the catastrophic results during the Above & Beyond Music Festival in New South Wales.

The use of drug detecting dogs is increasing at music festivals.
– However, in New South Wales, it was a flop.
– During the Above & Beyond Music Festival…

Shoebridge said that the use of police doggos and the drug dog program in general is damaging. Shoebridge pointed out that per the data, 64 percent of the searches are false positive because no drugs were actually found. During the Above & Beyond Music Festival, some of those who were supposedly detected to have drugs on them were no longer allowed to go inside and were banned from the premises despite absence of drugs.


Another music festival where the drug dog program failed was during the Midnight Mafia rave last May. Some of those who were not allowed to go in but did not have drugs on them wanted to file a class action against the police.

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