Driver Was Listening To Loud Music – Did Not Realize Doggo Was Dragged By Vehicle

A German Shepherd on the grass

Listening to music while driving is good but sometimes it could cause harm. A dog was dragged by a vehicle and the driver was not able to notice it immediately because loud music was blasting inside the car.

– A dog owner was driving while loud music blasted from the inside.
– A dog was in the cargo bed.
– The dog might have jumped off or fell off and it was dragged for…

The dog, a female German shepherd that is only seven months old, was dragged for around 30 yards. Accordingly, the dog was in the cargo bed of a Toyota pickup truck and she either jumped off or fell off from the cargo bed. Witnesses said that they shouted, waved, and even chased after the pickup truck. Eventually, police were called and the driver was identified as the dog owner. She said that she did not realize what happened to her dog because of the loud music she was listening to.

The driver told deputies she would take the dog to a veterinarian but the dog was found abandoned. The doggo suffered from injuries to her paws and abdomen. Deputies are now looking for the dog owner.


The dog will be up for adoption once healed if the owner does not come forward.

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