This Is The Best Downtown Event You Can Bring Your Doggo To Because…

A dog at an event with his owner

Canton, Ohio hosts a First Friday event every other year and for this year, the theme is “Gone to the Dogs.” By the theme itself, dog owners know that it’s time to bring their doggo on a leash in the downtown area of Canton.

Dogs are welcome to be part of the First Friday event in Canton, Ohio.
– The theme for the event this year is “Gone to the Dogs.”
– Dogs should be on a leash during the event.

The event takes place from 6 through 10 in the evening this June 1. The coordinator of First Friday said that they always get dog-related suggestions when asked about a possible theme. The coordinator noted that every other year, they get to see hundreds of dogs and their humans during the event.

There are lots of activities for the dogs and the owners this First Friday event. One is a make-and-take bags of homemade dog treats, a dog kissing booth, the showing of the family flick “The Secret Life of Pets,” and great music.


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