This Saturday, Dogs And Dog Owners Are Encouraged To Join Different Activities At…

Dogs wearing bee costumes

In Charleston, West Virginia, this Saturday is dedicated to doggos, dog owners, and dog lovers. An event called Downtown Charleston’s Streetfest invites all dogs and dog owners to join dog-friendly activities.

A dog-friendly event will take place in Charleston, West Virginia.
– There will be different contests that doggos could join.
– The event is called Downtown Charleston’s Streetfest.

The event starts at 5 P.M. because this is when dog owners and other attendees could register for the different activities. During this time, music will also be provided by The Carpenter Ants so that the dogs and dog owners won’t be bored while waiting for the official start of the Streetfest. The first activity is the contest for the best dog costume. Next is the showcasing of stupid dog tricks.

There will also be a contest for the owner and doggo lookalike, the largest and the smallest doggo, as well as the ugliest doggo. Local veterinarians and some volunteers from different dog-related organizations will be there.


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