You Might Want To Put This Off-Leash Dog Park On Your List Of Places To Visit With Your Fur Baby

Dogs at a park without any leash

Fur mommies and daddies are constantly on the hunt for the best places to bring their doggos to. This off-leash dog park should be on their list.

There will be an off-leash dog park in Kansas City.
– Bar K also is a bar, a restaurant, and a coffeehouse.
– There will be areas designated for dogs that are…

Bar K is actually not just an off-leash dog park but it is also a restaurant, a bar, and a coffeehouse. Bar K is located in Kansas City, which was first established last year. The dog park, which is two acres wide, will be fully operational by August 14. Bar K is open to all doggos of shapes, breeds, and sizes and the fur babies could enjoy a jungle gym, a splash pool, a rock climbing wall, and more. There is also a special place for doggos that are lighter and are around three to nine months.

Accordingly, the employees of Bar K have been trained to understand the body language of doggos in order to avoid any fights between pets. As for the fur moms and dads, they could listen to music at the coffeehouse or restaurant and enjoy the great food served there.


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