Doggos Make An Appearance In The New Music Video Advertisement For Barefoot’s Spritzer

A pit bull and a chihuahua

Two doggos were part of the stars of the new music video advertisement for Barefoot’s summer product, Spritzer.

Dogs were featured in a new music video by Barefoot.
– The dogs were being walked by one of the characters.
– One of the dogs appeared later in the video when…

The music video features the Slay team composed of comediennes Cecily Strong, Chrissie Fit, Elizabeth Banks, Laura Bell Bundy, and Phoebe Robinson. The girls, who were singing about women empowerment, sang about their jobs. In particular, Fit shared that she has two college degrees and is a dog walker. The two dogs featured were a Chihuahua and a pit bull.

The careers of the women were initially not that great but when they drank Barefoot’s spritzer, their lives changed. For Fit, instead of being just a dog walker, she has become a veterinarian. The same pit bull was featured when Fit was already a veterinarian.


The music video was directed by “13 Reasons Why” director Karla Brown.

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