Dogs Are Welcome At A Music Festival Named After Dogs

A music festival was named after a dog in Wisconsin

A music festival and art gathering called FLO at Merrill, Wisconsin was named after a dog. It’s just proper to allow dogs to be part of the music festival, right?

– A music festival in Wisconsin was named after a dog.
– The dog died last spring.
– The music festival will allow dog owners to bring their dog at the music and art festival.

The idea for the music festival came from Ellen Buhrmann after her dog died last spring. The dog, named Flo, had a huge part on the life of its human. Buhrmann suffered from a number of problems while she was away for college. Flo Fest will be happening from May 11 to 12 at Bill’s Bar. It will feature local bands and will allow dog owners to enjoy the music and the art.

The proceeds from the event will be given to the Langlade County Humane Society in order to help the dogs find their new homes.


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