Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend



“The Sound Of Howling”

Hello Huskies my best friends
It’s time to take you to run again
Because without it your loudly weeping
Restless scenes without you sleeping
Visions of hyper dogs without purpose in their brain
Now that’s a shame
Within the sound of howling
In your dreams it’s like back in nome
Ppen trails of endless snow
‘Neath the halo as the moon glows
Your dog harness is tight as you tow
Than your eyes flash with a glimpse of nocturnal wildlife
They thrive at night
And create your sounds of howling
And with infra red night vision he saw
Excited Huskies as they roar
Huskies hauling without thinking
Huskies running with so much meaning
Huskies forging bonds few people would ever share
WooFDriver won’t dare
Disturb the sound of happiness
Tears fill his eyes as they go
The forest is like their home
Hear these words WooFDriver will teach you
Take their reigns and this will reach you
His words like silent MUSHing through the night
Are echoed in the minds of Huskies
As the Huskies get rowdy and play
To the WooFDriver’s love and ways
As their eyes flash it’s so warming
There’s no words it just so charming
As the WooFDriver always says that Dogs need a purpose
It’s their call
It’s echoed throughout the sounds of howling

“Life With Dogs”

Have you ever smiled
About a funny jive
or warmed your heart
With a touching rhyme
About a special Dog in your life
that makes you feel so mighty fine

From Dogs giving thanks
to their silly and funny pranks
their antics chronicled
through Pawetry as WooFDriver
Helps fill in any blanks
and puts these poems high in all Dogs’ ranks!

Pawetry is poetry
touched by paws
all about life with Dogs.

You see some words and thoughts
can’t be articulated or properly
called without
The understanding of canine talk

sprinkled with some sunshine
to make it all of the barking kind
that’show Pawetry is defined
and high on the scale to the nines…

Pawetry is poetry
touched by paws
all about life with Dogs.

So read, reminisce,
and enrich your life
with the Pawetry words
and rhyming lines
that have been craftily entwined
and create the poetry about those loving canines!

Pawetry is poetry
touched by paws
all about life with Dogs.

“Gotta Love A Dog”

It’s gonna take some puppy Dogs
To show the world to care
It’s gonna take some puppy Dogs
They just show you a stare
So when your life needs some direction
And you just keep on asking why
You know a Dogs affection can be so devine
It’s gonna take some puppy Dogs
To make our life real bright
It’s gonna take some puppy Dogs
It’s gonna take a lotta love
To make life workout right
So if you are out there debating
They hope you go there soon
Down to the shelter and take one home with you
Gotta love a Dog
Gotta love a Dog
It’s gonna take some puppy Dogs
To show us who we are
It’s gonna take some puppy Dogs
To get our lives real far
It’s gonna take some puppy Dogs
To take us to the stars
It’s gonna take some puppy Dogs
Dogs can heal all our scars
Dogs can heal all our scars

“Gotta Love A Dog 2.0”

“Some Doggies To Love”

When the dogs run free, it’s their time
And all the joy in them just rides
Don’t you want some doggies to run
Don’t you need some doggies to love
Wouldn’t you love some doggies to run
You better find some doggies to love
When the dog cart yeah starts rolling ahead
Yes, and the ride, the ride, yeah should never end
Your dogs, I say your dogs, will all love this
Yeah, and in their head puppy it tames their wild they know what it is
Dogs go running, they’re all running all their best
And their always your best friend, we are so blessed!!

This is another FUN Video about Running & Loving Dogs. Set to an Awesome familiar 70s song made Dog appropriate with WooFDriver lyrics. We are at the BigFarm (400 acre local farm) Free-Ranging (running leash FREE) the Dogs in the snow. We are taking turns letting them chase me and me chase them on an electric ATV! SO COOL!!

“Life’s Better With Dogs”

Dogs are unconditional love, born to run, with endless fun under the sun!! They will lend you a paw, give you a haul, and love you with their all!! They make us laugh with their riffraff as we smile for miles from their zany style, even when our day is rather gray, they can take us away!! Dogs are my best friends and I love to spend as much time with them as I can, rolling running and getting their loving!!

WooFDriver says: Big Mutts pull, little mutts rule all mutts drool!! Dogs are it, big or small, tall or long they will come when you call they will give you their all!!

Let WooFDriver hear you, Shout and tire them out so they won’t pout just take them out on a rout!! You can hitch’em to the ride and watch’em fly!! WooFDriver wants you to know, that is always the way to go!! So try riding with a WooFPAK driving, you know this will keep the hounds thriving!!

So let’s do it!! Take’em out the yard and let’s work’em hard!! Run them dogs, love them dogs, have so much fun with them all!! Unleash their fire as you appeal to their desire!!

Keep rolling, even In the winter months, there is no hesitation because when the white stuff falls from the sky WooFDriver says it’s not a complication but for your dogs it’s an invitation to fly!! Ride that snow and go go go!!

You will feel the rush when you mush, so definitely forget about heeling your dog just go FurWheeling your dog it’s the ultimate feeling and will keep them reeling!!

When the rounds of fun are done Down time is also hound time!! They love to chill after the thrill!! They will nap in your lap as you rub their back!! They will snore on the floor as There is almost no better way to be spend your day than sharing it with a dog that is the Official WooFDriver Call!!

“WooFDriver Is All About Dogs”

Riding the hounds is the main part of the WooFDriver’s heart and how he got his start!! He drives his dogs for true energy management because a dog like us humans have needs that we must feed to balance our lives and keep our inspiration and fire shinning bright!!

Not All dogs our suited to pull but there are so many other ways to get them to drool!! WooFDriver is truly inspired to share all the ways he has dreamed and indeed he believes will appeal to a dogs senses and keep their tremendous and sometimes endless activity level inside controlled fences while still satisfying this incredible nexus!!!

Just a little exercise walk can stimulate a pups thoughts and fulfill some of these energy needs but consistency is important to make this succed!! A great way to proceed is to log your walks and exercise jaunts, so you can see you and your pups progress and journeys and keep your fire inspired and burning!!

Mushers call it teamwork when the dogs and driver work together on their endeavors to achieve their desired results and common goals!! You and your dog also form a team that can really be a way for you both to reach some of your needs and feed some incredible dreams!!

Your quest to than pack together and pursue some similar acts will also encourage you to maybe explore other places to roam and therefore open other doors to find more ways to enjoy the great outdoors and discover together lots of other endeavors!! This is why I developed the WooFDriver tour, to constantly explore new sights and sounds and achieve new heights with my hounds!!

Your dog and you can establish a relationship that will keep you both fit and can lift you to new heights while exploring endless sights and gaining and maintaining an appreciation for nature that can aspire you to pursue so many of life’s incredible views!!

“WooFDriver Is All About Dogs 2.0”

“Canines & Mankind”

Canines to me are the reason I believe as to much of the success I have achieved!! Dogs needs are so dependent on humans indeed so we must care for them and provide them with more than just their feed!!

This care and parental state helps us regulate our internal desires that are naturally inspired as they appeal to our fires and we become their sire!!

These needs will define a purpose for us to give this care to our mutts and please them, ease them, and be the reason for their endless allegiance!!

Dogs will in turn entice us to possibly enlighten ourselves through all the care we need to share so their life will fare as we can both reach high in the air!

From a dogs need to get outside which will push us through the door to constantly explore the great outdoors!! Even from a simple walk down your street you will be coerced to meet fresh air as the moon or sun glares on you and stares on you brightly and lights a path for you daily and nightly which will feel so rightly!! As You will mingle with the sun moon and stars and gain some incredible charge from nature at large!!

Your dogs enjoyment can become an addiction that has so much to do with our life’s mission!! When we feel the pleasure as we share these measures and treasures of our life to what we will know as our best friend we will lend and extend this all to our dogs and make our life’s haul together to be the bond that we will cherish forever!!

“Canines & Mankind 2.0”

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