Dogs Dressing Up As Unicorns? You Can’t Handle This Cuteness!

A cute dog being walked

Dogs are already cute but if they dress up as unicorns, dog lovers have to admit that they became even cuter. A festival in England is taking place over the weekend and that is where these doggos wearing unicorn horns will be spotted.

Dogs will be dressed up as unicorns.
– A Unicorn Dog Show will take place in England this weekend.
– The dog show is part of the annual festival called…

The event is called 3 Wishes Fairy Festival. One of the highlights of the 3 Wishes Festival is the Unicorn Dog Show. The event will take place at around 4:30 P.M. on Saturday inside the Fairy Ring Stone Circle. The organizer of the 3 Wishes Festival said that in the past, dog owners joined the Fairy Dog Show but they wanted to mix it up this year.

Live music will be entertaining dogs, dog owners, and dog lovers. Music will be provided by English and U.K. bands.


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