What Events Can Dogs And Dog Owners Join During This Year’s Sun Festival?

A dog wearing a costume

The annual Sun Festival in Alabama kicked off last Friday. Dogs and their owners can enjoy the Sun Festival and other activities provided that doggos are on a leash.

Dogs can enjoy a lot of activities at the Sun Festival.
– This is the sixth Sun Festival in Alabama.
– There will be a dog costume contest, live music, and many more.

This is the sixth Sun Festival and there are a number of activities that kids, families, and dogs can enjoy. Some of them are seeing animals in costume as well as music playing. These will be enjoyed through June 9. The Alexander City Chamber of Commerce President said that they always look forward to the Sun Festival because it is an exciting time.


The other activities include the Jazz Fest event, the Slip-n-Slide 5K, which costs $30, a run all over downtown, a motorcycle ride, a dog costume contest, dancing, bingo games, and more.

To know more about the events that you and your doggo could enjoy, click here – https://www.alexcityoutlook.com/

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