Another Reminder To Dog Owners For The Fourth Of July Festivities

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The Fourth of July festivities is one of the most stressful events for doggos because of the loud noises such as the fireworks. Here are some of the reminders for dog owners to remember during that day so as to help doggos be calm and not freak out.

– During July, a lot of dogs run away from home.
– It may be attributed to the Fourth of July celebrations.
– Doggos do not like loud noises and it is advised that…

Accordingly, more doggos run away from home during this month. Also, a veterinarian said that he has seen cases wherein dogs self-mutilate because of their noise phobia. The vet shared, “I’ve had dogs come in that have run through a plate-glass window. They think they’re going to die, and when you think you’re going to die, you do crazy things.” To ensure this will not happen, dog owners should play classic or reggae songs because this will block out the noise outside. It also provides a sense of comfort so doggos would be less anxious during the festivities.

It is also advised to keep doggos at home and tire them out. To be extra sure, it is best to ID your doggo or microchip them so that you can easily find them when the worst will happen.


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