Whether You Are A Dog Person Or A Cat Person, North America Has Pet-Friendly Festivals For You!

Two dogs at an event

If you are in North America and you want to go to events with your dog, cat, or other pets, there are a lot of festivals that allow you to have your fur babies with you. Read on and see where you and your pet can go next.

– In North America, there are a lot of dog-friendly events.
– Some of the events are set to happen next year.
– The events include contests, music, and…

Although it’s set to take place next year, it won’t hurt to make arrangements now. The event is called Frankenmuth Dog Bowl in Michigan. This Olympic-style festival for doggos showcases the energy, enthusiasm, and athleticism of doggos. There will be therapy and assistance dog sessions and even police K9 demonstrations. Woofstock in Toronto, Canada is another event next year that you should not miss. There will be contests, fashion shows, pampering, music and Mr. and Ms. Canine Canada Pageant.


As for cat owners, in Toronto, Canada, meowfest is a thing. It is a festival that raises funds for feline shelters and other animal organizations. The festival will be this weekend, July 6, and there will be adoptable kittens, celebrity cats, live music, and a whole lot more!

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