Music Does Not Always Help Doggos – Sometimes, If It’s Too Loud, It Hurts The Doggos’ Ears

Dogs at an outdoor event

A music festival is happening in Coventry, United Kingdom soon. Dogs were initially allowed to be part of the music festival but this time, they have been banned because the loud music hurts the attending dogs’ ears.

Dogs are no longer allowed at the annual Godiva Festival.
– A local vet said that music festivals can be over-stimulating to doggos.
– Also, the loud music can hurt the…

The music festival is called Godiva Festival and in a statement by the Coventry City Council regarding the change, they said that music festivals can be over-stimulating for dogs especially because there is a lot of noise and people. Also, music festivals pose lots of risk such as food that dogs might find on the ground like chocolates and onions.


The annual music festival is free of charge and it will take place at the War Memorial Park. Service dogs are still allowed provided that the dog owner can show proof.

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