Doggo That Won Freestyle Heelwork To Music Competition At Crufts 2019 Used…

A Border Collie lab mix

The doggo that won the Freestyle Heelwork to Music competition at Crufts 2019 this year is an Irish dancing dog. The music that he and his human used to dance for the competition was from the Irish dance show “Lord of the Dance.”

– An Irish dog won the Freestyle Heelwork to Music this year at the Crufts.
– The dog and the owner mimicked an act from an Irish dance show.
– They were also the winner last year.

The doggo, an eight-year-old Border Collie, was also the winner last year. For the opening scene of their act, the doggo mimicked the character from the Irish dance show and was seen holding a whistle. Many were entertained by the act and the duo won against nine other contestants.


The Kennel Club Secretary said in a statement that the doggo and its human’s impressive routine showed that they were patient, skilled, and dedicated. The secretary added, “Heelwork to music is a challenging activity that demands a lot of time and talent to perfect.” The winners of the category are able to inspire other dog owners to take part in the “fun and rewarding activity.”

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