Want To Let Your Doggo Join A Contest During This Year’s Dog Day? Here Are The Details

A dog being groomed at a dog show

The annual Dog Day event by Gorton Community Center will take place on June 23, a Saturday. The event is from 10 A.M. through 12 noon.

Dog Day, the fourth annual event, will be on June 23.
– It will be held at Gorton Community Center in Illinois.
– Dogs and dog owners will enjoy music by…

Dog owners can enter their doggos to different contests that will be held during the Dog Day. Every dog will have be registered and a registration fee is at $5. The dog owners can go to the event without paying anything. Last year, there was a dog parade but this year, there will be a dog fair so that vendors and other organizations can sell their products at the event.

Kids will also have a great time because Paws Chicago will send their volunteers to offer crafts and other activities to children. Music will be provided by School of Rock.


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