Doggo And Trainer That Simon Cowell Saved From Being Eliminated On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Are Now…

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During Season 12 of “America’s Got Talent,” a doggo and a dog trainer were in danger of being eliminated. Dog lover and music mogul Simon Cowell saved them and eventually, the pair placed fifth during the finals. The dog trainer and the doggo recently gave updates with what they are doing now.

– The doggo and human pair that placed fifth during the Season 12 of “America’s Got Talent” gave an update about them.
– The dog trainer is now married and has a total of five dogs.
– The doggo is competing in…

The dog trainer, Sara, and the doggo, Hero, have now settled down. The two used to live in a car before the audition and the win at “America’s Got Talent.” Sara also said that she got married to her fellow dog trainer, John Devine. At the wedding reception, Sara danced with Hero to the song “Footloose.” She noted that she now owns five doggos in total but Hero is “the most special of them all.”

Hero is a little old now so he is retiring soon. Currently, Hero is competing in the Hero Dog Awards.


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