DogFest This Weekend Was Amazing! A World-Renowned Speaker Made Talks About…

Dogs at an outdoor event

Dog lovers, dog owners, and their doggos flocked to the Bristol event called DogFest this year. The event took place from Saturday through Sunday and lots of people enjoyed the live music, the displays, and the talks about doggos.

– DogFest 2019 took place last weekend in Bristol.
– There was live music and a lot of activities for everyone.
– Doggos enjoyed agility courses, hay bale racing, dog diving, and more.

The speaker was Noel Fitzpatrick, who is a world-renowned orthopaedic-neuro veterinary surgeon. He talked about ways to better take care of doggos. People who purchased VIP tickets will get another round of talk from the speaker. For humans, there will also be stalls that sell products both for humans and doggos.


Activities that dogs loved, on the other hand, were dog diving, agility courses, and hay bale racing. It is unclear which band or bands performed the live music for the entertainment of everyone.

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