Doggo That Won 2019 Westminster Dog Show Appeared On This Popular Musical

A Wire Fox Terrier

A day before Valentine’s Day, the winner of 2019 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show graced the stage of “PRETTY WOMAN: THE MUSICAL.” The doggo, a Wire Fox Terrier, wowed the audience during his appearance.

– A dog that won the 2019 Westminster Dog Show appeared in a musical.
– The musical is called “PRETTY WOMAN: THE MUSICAL.”
– The dog is a Wire Fox Terrier.

The dog, named King, was featured in a scene where the characters Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis entered the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for the first time. At the end of the show, the dog once again appeared on stage when the cast bowed to the audience. The audience loved the show so much that there was a standing ovation. The doggo was well-behaved during the show and was accompanied by his handler.

“PRETTY WOMAN: THE MUSICAL” has been on Broadway for a time now and the tickets are always sold out. Tickets for the musical’s show on September 1, 2019 are now on sale.


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