Dog Whisperer Talks About Doggos And TV – What You Need To Know

A dog in front of the TV

Some dog owners claim that when they turn the TV on, their doggo loves it. A dog whisperer revealed what dog owners should know about doggos and watching entertainment through the TV.

Dogs love watching TV.
– Dog whisperer Cesar Millan shared some points about watching TV.
– One element is music and…

Dog whisperer Cesar Millan shared that watching is the mode of learning of doggos. In line with National Dog Day, Millan noted that dogs enjoy watching what their humans enjoy. For example, if their master laughs at a sitcom, the doggo will also feel the same way and would even feel relaxed by watching such sitcom.

Millan also revealed that the most common things dog owners should look out for when looking for something to watch is if the show includes dogs, nature, music, and more. For music, if they hear that calm music is being played, doggos will draw relaxing energy from it.


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