Heavy Presence Of Dog Units, Police Felt At Secret Garden Music Festival

Police dogs

In Sydney, Australia’s south west area, the Secret Garden Music Festival concluded. It was not smooth-sailing for the event because there were a lot of court orders and an arrest made by police officials after dog units identified a lot of people carrying drugs.

– The Secret Garden Music Festival recently concluded.
– There were a lot of people issued with a court notice and one man arrested.
– Police officials tracked down drug users and the drug supplier using their dog unit.

Accordingly, one young man was arrested while others were ordered to appear before the court for drug possession. Police handed out noticed to a total of 25 people after they were found out to have in their possession cannabis and other types of prohibited drugs. The person who was arrested was reportedly supplying the drugs after police searched him and they found 32 tablets of LSD, three tablets of dexamphetamine, and more.

According to one reveler, the amount of police officials and police doggos in the music festival was more than what he has witnessed in the past.


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