Doggo Was Once A Shelter Dog But Is Now Training To Be A…

A pitbull mix

A music school owner took a pitbull in when it was still with Junction City/Geary County Animal Shelter. The music school owner fostered the doggo two years ago when it was surrendered by its former owners, who claimed that they just found the doggo unattended on the streets.

– A dog was once surrendered by its owners.
– The dog was later fostered by a music school owner.
– The doggo is now training to be a…

When the music school owner took the doggo in, the puppy was able to find a surrogate mother in one of the dogs of the owner. The dog was so thin and its teeth were prematurely falling out but after being with its foster parent, the doggo’s health drastically improved. Now, the music school owner adopted the doggo and is training it to be a music therapy dog.

The doggo will help children with their performance anxiety. Children can even request that the doggo be on stage during their performances.


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