Doggos Make It Big At This Chicago Theater This Fall

A dog on stage

A lot of dogs are happy being their normal selves – playing around, running, sleeping, and a whole lot more. Other dogs, however, are happier when they are on stage and play a part at a theater play.

– Dogs in Chicago were part of different plays all over the city.
– There are a total of four plays where five dogs have landed roles.
– Aside from doggos, two…

This is what exactly some dogs in Chicago are doing. Not all the dogs are in one play because there are four plays where they are acting. One is acting for “Downstate,” another is acting for “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” two doggos are acting for “Legally Blonde,” and one more doggie landed a role in “Nell Gwynn.” They were able to behave on stage during the first run of the plays despite the possibly loud music and the crowd carefully watching them.


Aside from these doggos, two chickens were also featured in one of the plays.

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