Having A Dog On Stage During Musical Is Not Easy! Actress Talks Of Challenges When They Produced ‘Annie’

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Deerfield Family Theatre just concluded their second performance for the “Annie” musical. They had a live dog on stage and there were a lot of challenges that the actors had to face when they worked with the doggo.

– A musical was produced by Deerfield Family Theatre.
– The musical is “Annie” and a live dog played the title character’s doggo.
– During one incident, the dog was supposed to…

The dog that was used in the musical has been used in other theater productions but the teenager who plays the title character shared she never acted with a dog before so having a doggo on stage was a bit difficult at first.


Recently, during one of the scenes, the teen shared that the dog was supposed to appear from the wings of the stage but did not come out immediately. The dog was waiting behind the stage that is why it was not able to come out on cue. The actress shared, “I had to do some improv. I said, ‘OK, where are you?’ He came out and did fine.”

It is unclear how many more performances are set for the musical “Annie.”

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