If You Want Your Dog To Have A Spa Day, You Should Consider Going To This…

A brown cocker spaniel

Dog owners in Derby, England should consider taking their doggo to a newly-opened spa that is specifically designed for dogs and other pets. Your dog will surely have his or her relaxing time while listening to music and being massaged with aromatherapy oils.

– A new spa for dogs and other pets opened in Derby, England.
– The spa is called Heavenlyz Dog Grooming Spa.
– Doggos will enjoy the piped music and..

The spa is called Heavenlyz Dog Grooming Spa and it is located in Littleover. They boast that their piped music will calm doggos down and their aromatherapy oils will definitely pamper doggos and other pets. Dog owners can leave their pets at the spa for two and a half hours per session.

The dogs will be handled by veterinary nurse trained so dog owners are assured that their doggos are in good hands. Dogs that have special cases such as epilepsy will be handled very well by the staff. Also, there are grooming services that the spa offers.


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