One Park Will Be Busy With Dogs, People For Four Days – Activities For Dogs, Live Music, And More Will Entertain Everyone

A dog being groomed at a dog show

From Thursday through Sunday, Streetsboro City Park in Ohio will have live music, rides, vendors, and a dog show. The annual Streetsboro Family Days will be taking place late this week through the weekend.

A dog show will take place in Ohio.
– This will be during the Streetsboro Family Days.
– Doggos will have the chance to be awarded with…

The organizer of the event said that there will be popular local bands that will be playing and it is possible that the big crowds will be present by Friday and Saturday. Around 8, 000 to 10,000 people go to the event every year but they believe there will be more this year. As for the rides, there will be around 15 that kids and kids at heart will love.

The Pet “Paw”tacular is also an event that is being looked forward to. There will be a dog show and the awards that doggos could get are most unusual dog, the dog that has the prettiest eyes, the larges and the smallest dog, the fastest dog, and more.


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