Dog Show, Face Painting, Family Fun – What Else Happened During Silloth Green Day?

A Welsh Terrier at a dog show

Silloth Green Day is an annual event in England and this year, there was a fun fair, a lot of activities for the whole family, a dog show, face painting, music, and more. This event is one of the biggest event that draws a lot of event-goers every year.

– An event called Silloth Green Day took place over the weekend.
– This annual event is full of activities such as a dog show.
– The dog show had 11 categories.

The event was organized by the Silloth Rotary Club and it took place from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. last weekend. There were also food stalls, craft stalls, donkey rides, and more. As for the charity dog show, it cost £2 and there were 11 categories doggos competed in. It is unclear what the categories are and who were the doggos that won.

Mayor of Silloth, Mark Orchard, said that the event is always a success and it is an “an open invitation for everyone to come and see our fantastic little town.”


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