Dog Show, Petting Zoo, And Live Music – What More Can You Ask For A Family Day This Weekend?

Dogs at an outdoor event

The annual Summer Fete and Dog Show in Waltham St. Lawrence in England will be taking place this weekend. Kids, dog lovers, and doggos will enjoy live music, a petting zoo, and more.

An annual dog show will take place in England this weekend.
– There will also be a petting zoo at the event.
– Doggos will be awarded with…

As for the details of the dog show, dog owners will have their doggos competing for awards such as est rescue dog, best pedigree, and the dog who has the waggiest tail. The prizes are even more exciting because the winning dogs can enjoy flying lessons, doggy daycare sessions and more. The event is for a good cause because it will help community organizations such as a local church, a primary school, and more.

Music will be much later during the event. After the dog show comes to a close, live music will be played. Those who will be playing are two local bands called Kinkade and The Shot.


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