Dog Saved Musician Owner, Party-Goers By Alerting Them That There Was A…

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A dog owner, who is a musician, is crediting her dog for saving not only her life but also the life of her friends. The dog owner was having a party at her home when the dog alerted them of a fire.

– A dog owner was having a party at her place.
– She had some friends over and they were all listening to music and drinking.
– The doggo smelled smoke coming from a unit at the bottom floor and…

The dog owner was having a great time with her friends. There was music and some drinks. The dog reportedly went down to the bottom floor because it smelled the smoke coming from the unit. The dog then went back to its owner’s home and started to bark. The dog owner said when they went out to check what was going on, they saw the stairwell already filling with black smoke. They immediately got out of the building.

No one was injured and the dog owner credits that to her doggo. She said that the dog could have just ran outside when it saw the smoke but the doggo went back up and stayed with everyone until they were all safe.


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