Dog Retreats? These Dubai Companies Go Over The Top In Taking Care Of Your Pooch

A dog playing with bubbles

If you think you have heard all about it – dog spas, dog hotels, dog parks, indoor dog pools – you are wrong. Have you heard of dog retreats? Apparently, they are a huge thing in Dubai.

– In Dubai, dog retreats are popular.
– Because of this, there are a lot of dog-related companies.
– One of them is Spot!, which…

Whether it’s an overnight stay or just for a few hours, Dubai has a lot of dog-related companies that take care of your doggo while you are away. First on the list is the company called Spot!, which originated from New York. At Spot!, your dog will have a lot of fun while you are away because they are entertained with live music, a bubble machine, and birthday parties.

If you think your dog is up for something more physical, try going to Woof because they have access to indoor and outdoor areas where they can run and play with other dogs. They also have their own kennels if they want to just relax. Daphne’s Play Centre also caters to your doggos in a more personal way. This is because the company has one-on-one activities and games between your dog and their sitter.


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