Is Your Dog A “Material Girl?” This Dog Definitely Is After She Copies Madonna’s Most Famous Looks

Yellow Labrador

Madonna is indeed an icon in the music industry and if you are a fan of hers, you might just find the photos of a doggo very cute and fun. This dog’s owner is a photographer and he decided to recreate the most famous look of Madonna from the beginning of her career.

A dog was photographed by a French photographer.
– The photographer is actually the dog owner.
– The doggo posed for the cameras to mimic the iconic photos of the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

The French photographer reportedly spent eight months to complete the project. The dog owner was the one who made the doggo’s costumes and the photos are available to be seen by the public at the L’Agence Arlesienne in Arles, France until August 16.


One of the photos of the dog copied the famous strapless pink little number that Madonna wore on her “Material Girl” music video. Another photo that the doggo imitated is the album cover of Madonna for “Like A Virgin.”

To see more of the photos, read the detailed article by Erica Tempesta at –

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