Dog Plays The Piano While Baby Dances – Their Videos Are Just Adorable!

A dog playing the piano

A doggo named Buddy Mercury, a beagle-basset hound mix, is definitely a fan of music. The dog, who has been named after Freddie Mercury of the legendary band Queen, was videoed by its owners playing the piano while its human sibling was dancing to the catchy tune.

– Buddy Mercury is a famous dog.
– He has videos showing him playing the piano.
– One of the most-liked videos shows the doggo playing the piano and his human sister dancing.

Accordingly, one of the things that caught the attention of Buddy when he was taken home by the dog owners was their piano. Eventually, he has been getting up on his hind legs and played some tunes. The dog owners decided to upload the videos of the doggo and he became an instant hit. His human sister also occasionally dances in the background or plays the guitar or the piano. Since the videos were uploaded, many have been commenting positively on the entertainment brought about by the dog and his sister.


Along with the fame of the doggo comes the platform where the dog owners keep on reminding people to help give a home to abandoned and neglected dogs and other pets.

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