Do You Want Your Dog To Play With Other Well-Behaved Doggos While Listening To Great Music?

Dachshunds playing outdoors

There are a lot of dog parks out there, but sometimes doggos playing in the same area can cause fights. If you want to ensure that your doggo will be interacting with other well-behaved doggos, get the attention and care that they need, and even listen to great music, you should try an exclusive play area for doggos in New York.

– A dog academy is open in New York.
– It is called School for the Dogs at School Yard.
– Doggos can interact with other screened doggos, who are guaranteed to be…

The play area is called School for the Dogs at School Yard, which is a canine academy that arranges exclusive play groups among six doggos. Dog owners can choose to supervise their doggos while at the academy, or they can ask a trainer to look after the animal. Dog owners need to pay an annual fee of $2,200 and before they can join the exclusive academy for doggos, owners need to take a quiz about their rules and etiquette. They also have to submit a video of their doggo interacting with other off-leash doggos and go through an in-person interview.

The doggos that make it to the academy will be given the time and attention that they need and will listen to music like songs from the Beatles, the Beach Boys, or playlists for doggos available on Spotify.


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