Doggo That’s Partially Blind Does A Great Performance At Local Annie Musical

A lurcher

A dog that is partially blind stole the show when he starred in a local musical for Annie. The dog is actually a rescue dog and was neglected most of his life.

– A partially blind dog starred in a local production of the musical Annie.
– The dog is actually a rescue dog.
– The dog only weighed…

The doggo got the part for the musical produced by Hipperholme Grammar Schools. The dog, a lurcher, performed alongside his owner and with the other students from the schools. Many applauded the dog’s performance as Annie’s doggo.

Accordingly, the dog’s eye became blind as he was tied up and beaten by its former owner. The dog only weighed 10 kilograms when rescued by Lurcher Rescue. The dog was later rehomed with a music teacher and her family. The dog owner said that casting him was “a great way to educate our pupils about the importance of kindness and care.”


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