Dog Park, Market Will Be Busy With Doggos, Live Music Once They Get Completed With The Help Of A Funding From The Community

A senior dog at a dog park

Delta County is blessed to receive funding for a new dog park, a market, and 16 more projects. The main goal is to help communities have higher qualities of life and attract people to invest in these areas.

A dog park and a market will be given funding.
– The dog park will be near the Delta County Airport.
– The market will be busy with live music and…

Prosperous Places Mini-grant has been providing communities with financial help. For the market project, they hope that young people will also help with the activities at the market. More benches, vendor tables, reusable bags, live music, and more in order to attract more buyers.

The dog park, on the other hand, will be built near the Delta County Airport. A covered pavilion, a picnic area, benches, and fences will be included in the project. The dog park will surely attract visitors, too. In Delta County, dog owners make up a significant number of the population.


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