Dog Park, Live Music, Beach – What More Could You Ask For?

A corgi on the beach

Over the weekend, a new dog park and bar opened at a beach in Neptune, Florida. To kick off the start of a great business, they had live music, vendors, and a lot of activities for doggos, dog owners, and dog lovers.

– Dog owners from Neptune, Florida has a new dog park to visit.
– It is called BrewHound Dog Park + Bar.
– It formally opened over the weekend and there was…

The business is called BrewHound Dog Park + Bar. Aside from having a lot of space for doggos to run around, they also have this huge splash pad where doggos can play in water for a while to beat the heat. As for the humans, they can get coffee or beer while their dogs are out playing or socializing at the park.

The opening was a success as a lot of people went to check out the new place where they could hang out with their doggos.


If you want to visit the BrewHound Dog Park + Bar, they are open from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

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