Dogs, Owners Dance For A Special Participation For A Music Video

A red and white border collie

Doggos and dog owners have showcased their dancing skills in order to be part of a music video. The fun music video was for the song “Love Is Magic” by indie songwriter John Grant.

Dogs and dog trainers danced and did some tricks for a music video.
– One of the dog trainers is the winner of Newark’s Got Talent.
– The videos were for the song…

The dog owners are actually trainers. Some did some dancing, some spun, and others jumped.  One of the trainer is Nicci Hindson and she showcased her three red and white border collies. Hindon has been a walker and a trainer for more than a decade now. She teachers dogs different tricks and dancing. She actually won Newark’s Got Talent for her amazing skills and talents.

Hindson revealed that she is so excited for the opportunity she got to perform for the music video. She also revealed that her doggos worked really hard especially her youngest doggo. The music video was filmed for 48 hours.


Watch the video below:

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