You Might Be Guilty About This As A Dog Owner And You Might Want To Change Your Ways

A dog sitting comfortably on a chair at home

BC Hydro, a company in British Columbia, Canada, launched a study regarding the amount of electricity consumed by a family. They found out that it is at a minimum but when the family has a dog, dog owners tend to waste a lot of energy.

– A study by the BC Hydro revealed that dog and cat owners around British Columbia waste energy.
– Such energy is used to keep their doggos and cats comfortable while unattended.
– Most admitted to leaving the light on, leaving the…

Accordingly, at least three fourths of the pet owners around British Columbia admitted that they leave their lights on, turn the TV on, leave the thermostat on, leave the AC or fan on, and even play music just for their doggos or cats. It could cost dog owners an additional $400 on top of their regular bill on a yearly basis as opposed to families that do not own doggos. They leave these things on for at least four hours every day while no one else but their pets are at home.

BC Hydro advised these dog and cat owners to resort to alternatives such as smartphone-controlled light switches or energy-saving LED bulbs.


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