Dog Owner Received Noise Complaints From Neighbors – Who Is Causing The Ruckus While He Is Away?

A dog playing the piano

A dog owner was shocked to receive noise complaints from his neighbors whenever he was not at home. He decided to set up a nanny cam and saw that his doggo was actually the culprit.

– A dog owner received noise complaints.
– He did not know that his doggo has been playing the piano and howling whenever he is alone at home.
– The family decided to catch the dog by setting up a nanny cam and…

Accordingly, whenever the dog owner leaves for his work, the doggo starts making “noises.” The dog jumps up the chair beside the piano and starts to play the musical instrument. The doggo even sings while he strikes some of the keys as if he really knows what he is doing. The dog continues to howl and play the piano for a minute in a video that was uploaded on YouTube.

The video has already received a lot of views. After the doggo played the piano, it is as if he was satisfied and jumped off of the chair. A second video was uploaded and the doggo did the same thing. However, the doggo noticed it was being filmed so he stopped playing and singing.


The dog is named Tucker and is a Schnoodle.

Watch the video from the story of Alan Cross here –

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