Dog Owner Claims Her Dog Doesn’t Bark, He Sings Opera

A Shetland sheepdog

Would you believe that a doggo sings opera rather than barking? One dog owner claims that her dog does just that.

– A dog owner says that her dog doesn’t really bark or make noises.
– The dog does make a sound when its owner already starts singing classical music.
– The dog seemingly loves singing opera and even harmonizes with its owner.

The dog owner is a classical singer herself. She said that her eight-year-old dog does not really make a lot of noise and only does so whenever its human practices. The dog, a Shetland sheepdog named Jasper, reportedly even knows how to harmonize with the dog owner. The dog owner boasted of the doggo, “He’s quite good! Sometimes he’ll come in on the right note. He hasn’t got a huge range — he tends to sing high.” She added that the dog has a “lovely vibrato.” The dog reportedly started to sing when he was only 10 weeks old.


The dog is described by the owner as a very calm dog. He really doesn’t make a lot of noise and does not even bark when he needs something. For example, when the dog wants to go outside, he just scratches on the door gently. The only time the dog makes a sound is when he sings with his owner.

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