Ever Heard Of A Doggo That Has A Clothing Line? Well, This Doggo Has One And…

A white Maltese dog

A Korean girl band member has a doggo. That doggo has a clothing line and in just four months, the clothing line has made over $1.2 million!

– A Korean girl band member has a doggo.
– The doggo named Zero collaborated with a clothing line.
– The lines that they created already produced over…

The Korean girl band member is named Taeyeon of Girls Generation. Her pet dog, named Zero, has gained a lot of popularity ever since he was introduced to the public. The clothing line is called SPAO and they collaborated with the dog to launch a line of casual clothes, accessories, and sleepwear for humans back in August. Another collection was launched in October and both lines were equally successful.

According to reports, Taeyeon pledged to donate a part of the sales to charities that will help animals who are in need or those who were abandoned.


No new line has been announced yet. If you want to wait for the new line, you can check out updates from the Instagram account of Zero, which has more than 396,000 followers.

Read the fun scoop by Lee Wei Lin at – https://www.todayonline.com/

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