One More Dog Crosses Rainbow Bridge: Doggo That Starred In ‘Legally Blonde — The Musical’ Is Now Dead

A Chihuahua mix doggo

The doggo that starred on “Legally Blonde — The Musical” crossed the rainbow bridge. The beloved doggo was 14 years old.

– The dog that starred in “Legally Blonde — The Musical” died.
– The dog was 14 years old.
– The dog was originally set to be euthanized but…

The doggo, who is Chico in real life, played the role of Bruiser, who is the pet of the main character of the story, Elle Woods. The musical, which had its Broadway run from 2007 to 2008, was based on Reese Witherspoon’s 2001 movie. In a statement on Instagram, said that Chico was severely abused and was set to be euthanized before he was rescued by the person who decided to put him in the theater. The dog only retired from theater two years ago. 


Aside from being in the theater, the doggo also went with Bill Berloni during his talks. Chico also appeared on the TV show called “From Wags to Riches With Bill Berloni” and in the MTV reality show “The Search for the Next Elle Woods.”

It was not stated what the cause of death was but the dog died on March 11.

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