Is Your Dog The One They Are Looking For?

A dog on stage

A new musical that will be a tribute to Doris Day called “A Farewell to Doris” is in the works. Now, they need a doggo for a very special part.

– A dog is needed for a musical.
– The musical is called “A Farewell to Doris.”
– Singer and performer Melinda Schneider needs a dog who is…

Singer and performer Melinda Schneider’s spokesperson said that they are looking for a dog who is “obedient, professional, take direction well and be able to smile at the audience.” It is not necessary that the dog has had previous experience acting but he or she must be able to walk on stage, jump up on a chair, and be sung to.

If you are interested to let your doggo join, send an e-mail to [email protected] until March 9. You must send a photo of your fur baby and explain in 25 words or less why your dog should get the part. The show will be on March 14. Accordingly, Schneider will choose the dog herself and the owner will receive two complimentary tickets for the show.


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