Dog Man Musical: A Man With A Head Of A Dog And A Body Of A Man

A dog on stage

“Dog Man: The Musical” will soon be watched at Lucille Lortel Theatre. The story of the musical centers on the main character who has the head of a dog and the body of a man.

– “Dog Man: The Musical” will be showed at the Lucille Lortel Theatre.
– The first night that it will be showing is on July 8.
– The musical is about this policeman who has the face of a dog and the body of a man, who…

The musical is based on the hit series by Dav Pilkey and the first performance will be on July 8, 2019. Brian Owen will be playing the character of Dog Man and for the other characters, famous artists who have also starred in other musicals and movies will be seen gracing the stage.


“Dog Man: The Musical” is a hilarious play about the main character who is actually also a police man. He will be battling Flippy the cyborg fish and his army of Beasty Buildings as well as Petey, the world’s most evil cat.

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