New Year’s Eve May Be Over But You Should Still Consider Doing The Following For Your Dog

A couple walking their dog before it gets dark

New Year’s Eve has always been too noisy for doggos and although it’s already a few days after the start of 2019, there might still be unwanted noise that can make your dogs feel anxious. That is why it is recommended to do a couple of things for your dog.

– Dogs can hear four times the distance that humans are able to hear.
– They get stressed out when they hear loud noises.
– Even after New Year’s Eve, there might be loud noises so…

Dogs can hear four times the distance that humans are able to hear that is why fireworks or loud noises freak them out. Famous dog behaviorist Cesar Millan shared that it’s normal for dogs to be afraid of loud noises because the unfamiliar sounds trigger their nervous systems. An animal welfare charity called Dogs Trust said that aside from turning on the TV or the radio when there are loud noises, it is also best to walk the dog before it becomes dark so that they won’t have to go out for potty time when the fireworks or other loud noises begin.


Also, it is recommended never to leave the dog alone when there are loud noises and to keep the curtains closed.

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