Dog Jog: It’s On Its 11th Year And It Aimed To Raise Funds For…

A dog participating at a marathon

Last April 27, the 11th annual Dog Jog took place. Doggos and dog owners were able to run for a 5k during the event.

– Dog Jog is on its 11th year.
– Dog owners, dog lovers, and dogs ran during the event.
– There was also music, foods, and other activities during this year’s Dog Jog.

The event was created by a nonprofit animal shelter called Pets Come First. Those who do not want to run joined the 1.5 mile walk. Doggos were also able to enjoy agility equipment, food, and music. One dog owner said that the Dog Jog is a really special event because many people end up enjoying the event and that is the reason why they enjoy coming back the next time it happens.

The event was not only for raising funds that will be used by the animal shelter but also a great way for the community to connect and bond.


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