Is This Dog Really Howling The Intro Of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’?

A howling dog

There are lots of dogs that have already become famous because of something they did. Another one is yet to live the life of the rich and famous because the doggo was videoed howling the introduction of Britney Spears’ hit song, “Toxic.”

A dog is now viral.
– The dog was videoed howling and it sounds familiar.
– The song of Britney Spears called…

The video was uploaded by a dog owner who has a Twitter handle @MattHardn. He took to Twitter to say alongside the video, “Is it just me or does Riley sound like he’s singing Toxic by Britney Spears?” Many people thought so too because the tweet has been liked and retweeted a thousand times.


Spears has not yet commented on this. She will soon be having her UK leg of her concert tour. The other performer at her concerts is artist Pitbull.

See the dog’s video here:

Read the incredible story by Andrew Trendell at –


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