Does Your Doggo Howl When Listening To Christmas Carols? There Is Actually A Reason For This

Dogs wearing matching Christmas outfits

Since the holidays began, many posted videos of their doggos howling to Christmas carols. According to a dog training expert, there is actually a reason behind this.

– A doggo howls when it hears Christmas carols.
– This is actually a common behavior.
– This behavior can be attributed to wolves because…

The trainer, Bryn Bailey, shared in a statement that such behavior of doggos can be attributed to their wolf ancestors. Per research, doggos and wolves “share all but 0.2 percent mitochondrial DNA” and in that percentage, howling is something that is common between the two animals. In relation to Christmas carols, doggos howl when they hear it because they think that people are also howling when they sing. A canine behaviorist also shared that this kind of howling is called “happy howling” or something that doggos do collectively.

If you want to know if your doggo does not enjoy your Christmas carols, you can check other acts done by the doggo. Some of these acts include hiding, pacing, panting, and laying their ears back.


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