Doggo Just Howled To Bach’s ‘Air on the G String’ And It Was All Caught On Tape

A howling dog

Most dogs love music and one doggo was caught on tape howling to the tune of Bach’s “Air on the G String.” The doggo was able to hit even the highest notes.

– A dog was caught on tape howling and singing along to Bach’s “Air on the G String.”
– The dog was just lying down but started to sing when the song played.
– The dog was impressive because…

According to the dog owner, the doggo was just lying down and when they started playing the song, the dog sang along. The dog started howling as soon as the song played and was very impressive because he was able to timely howl along with the song. The dog, however, howled for a short pause and it was believed that the dog was already done singing. He did not disappoint though because the dog gave a final commanding howl.

After the performance, the doggo had his afternoon nap.


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